1. The Wind

From the recording Five

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The Wind

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The Wind M.Worthy

I live in these rolling hills
In the shadow of the mountains
To the east the prairie stretches far
Forever like a golden sea
Golden too is the silence very morning
When the earth takes a breath
Before it begins to sing
It’s constant melody
Then the grass begins a blowin’
The trees, they ever bend
There’s always a song in your ear…
When you live with the wind

Sun comes up each and every day
Then it sinks on down
The stars come out to sparkle and wink
In the morning bright, they drown
And the days fly up and around and away
Like paper on a breeze
The minutes know no master
They just do as they please
And the grass is always blowin’
The trees they ever bend
The pages seem to turn themselves…
When you live with the wind

I plant the seeds, oh I mend the fences
The seasons rise and roll
With the constancy of waves
A shifting shoreline
The roots are an illusion
Fences fall
Nothin’ ever stays the same at all
It’s what I’ve come to know

And the grass is always blowin’
The trees they ever bend
Big Blue just turns and turns overhead…
While we live with the wind