We worry and worry about who we are, what we do and how we're supposed to be. Hey relax! If you got a funny foot. you need a funny shoe.

Hey folks, Happy Spring! It's taken a while but I've finally finished up a couple of tracks for release. First, here's my take on a Porkbelly Futures song I wrote for the band a while back... Fictional World. It's a tale about the transformative power of literature. It's soon to be followed up by another PBF remake... Hemingway, also penned by yours truly with the help of my pal Paul Quarrington.

Later this summer I hope to release a larger collection of tunes so please stay tuned. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these latest tracks and please let me know what you think. Your comments are always welcome. marty@martinworthy.com



With this collection of gentle, thoughtful songs, Worthy—the multi-faceted drummer—has crafted a quiet gem for these troubled times.” - Nicholas Jennings - Music Journalist