1. Omaha Madonna

From the recording Five

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Omaha Madonna M.Worthy / P. Quarrington

It’s a full moon that we see tonight
Bouncing on the clouds
She wears the stars
Like diamonds in her hair
Don’t you know
That the nights go slow there
Lyin’ on a blanket on the ground
Sighs and whispers all around

Woh oh…Omaha Madonna
Oh I wanna
Bring that girl back home
I long to bring that girl back home
Never more alone
Oh…never more alone

Far away the city lights
Sparkle in the hills
Laughter is a drifting
Through the air
Don’t you know
That the nights go slow there
Sittin’ with the bottles on the shelf
My wine-soaked baby and myself

Woh oh…Omaha Madonna etc.

An old man’s memory
Sleep casts it’s spell
The years fall away and away
I remember , I remember
I remember so well…

Woh oh…Omaha Madonna